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По умолчанию Cognitive and behavioral therapy

Nowadays There are many options for treating mental health problems. One of them is cognitive behavioral therapy. Psychotherapy with this method It is a therapy option used to treat many psychiatric disorders. Including depression, today joker123 will introduce everyone to get acquainted with What is cognitive and behavioral therapy and what type of disease is it suitable for?

What is cognitive behavioral therapy?
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a type of psychotherapy. That will help the patient to learn, recognize and cope with problems, thinking patterns or mental disorders. That interfere with or have a negative impact Both on action and emotion

Cognitive and behavioral therapy focuses on talking and counseling. To find a way to better address the problem By dividing the problem into parts and then gradually solving them one by one together. Both with the doctor and the patient Unlike other therapies, this type of therapy focuses on addressing and solving current problems. Without focusing too much on the problems of the past And the ultimate goal of therapy is to seek treatment Able to spend normal daily life and have fun.

What cognitive and behavioral therapy is used for
Cognitive behavioral therapy covers a wide range of treatment for problems with the mind. Not limited to treating psychiatric disorders only But may also cover other psychological problems.

Managing mental illness
Preventing recurrent mental illnesses
Coping with feelings such as coping with a loss
Emotional manipulation, such as anger, sadness
They may also be used to treat or relieve symptoms of various psychiatric disorders, such as:

Anxiety disorder
Obsessive-compulsive disorder
Eating disorders
Sleep problems
Drug addiction Or quit drinking alcohol, etc.
In some cases, doctors may use cognitive and behavioral therapy. In combination with other therapies such as the use of antidepressants Sedative Or drugs to treat other psychiatric symptoms as well

The risks of cognitive behavioral therapy
Generally Cognitive and behavioral therapy is a relatively safe treatment. And seldom cause any problems for the patients. However, sometimes certain procedures or processes May cause the patient to face feelings Or bad experiences And can cause feelings of fear, sadness, or even exhaustion during the treatment.

One of the stages of cognitive and behavioral therapy is fear therapy by facing your fears (exposure therapy). This will expose the patient to things or situations that make him fearful, for example if he is a phobia. The doctor may also bring a picture of a snake to show the patient. This will expose the patient to tension, fear, and even lead to anxiety.

However, this treatment process is important. Because it will be done in order for the patient to face And accept the fear that you have And it will make it possible to finally find a way to overcome that fear. Usually, a specialist doctor will observe your limits. And try not to make you feel too stressed. Thus enabling you to face your fears. Without any harm to the body
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