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Kingang вне форума
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По умолчанию Madden NFL 21 Can Be Obtained For Origin

At a vacuum, The Lawn isn't a bad way to waste time. It's some of the identical charm that made NFL Blitz and NFL Street bonafide hits back in daily. The way players interact on the field and the way the moment-to-moment Madden gameplay functions feels more at home in this manner than it does attempting to simulate the real game. I fully expect EA to continue to provide new content and items for The Yard over the following year in the same way they do to Madden Ultimate Team. Sadly, this means even less focus for those items that soccer fans may appreciate more.

EA talked a big game before this season about the way in which the Franchise mode was important to them and they knew what the center Madden fanbase desired out of them. They posted a site explaining their plans for Franchise mode with a few sample fixes that would be welcomed for sim fans but looked like stuff which might have easily been patched into the show years ago. They've made similar promises in the past and in the last year, sim players awaiting meaningful franchise updates rather saw the release of neon-drenched nonsense like the Superstar KO style featuring celebrity cameos. Now that"Madden NFL 21" has arrived, it's safe to say that the promised fixes haven't made it to the game for launch and, once more, fans will have to hope EA finds time between creating fresh Ultimate Team Cards, The Yard outfits, and presumably a garbage new manner where Guy Fieri helps you train cheerleaders to eat chicken wings in competition level for some idiotic online mini-game diversion.

Franchise players may expect the specific same menus (in certain fresh new colors!) , same participant development, same absence of contract management, absence of relocation thickness, lackluster scouting procedure, and lack of training camp.

The in-game menus and overlays have some new fonts and colors, which are enough to temporarily distract me from the pain of how poisonous they truly are, if not to just how bad a lot of them look. Everything from elements of the opening cinematic to the front-end and in-game overlays has this horrible compressed video noise that manages to distract you every time it appears. The brand new pre-game intro section, which is really the only change to the in-game demonstration this year, is filled with fullscreen video cuts and overlays which are rotten with the earlier mentioned video artifacts.
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Старый 19.10.2020, 07:07   #2
filterfar вне форума
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По умолчанию

Your style is different from others I've read, thanks for posting, all your content is great, easy to read.
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