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Why you need start use Kotlin right now
Let’s start with 10 reasons:
Including now, as soon as Kotlin is considered an officially supported language for writing applications for Android, you can still feel as if there are not enough circumstances for the configuration. Java acts in the movement of all these years, so why do you have to change? Here are our prerequisites, why we believe that, without being a dangerous bet, moving to Kotlin is one of the best things you can do.

1. Easy to Learn

This friendly language allows you to study it for a few hours. Someone who understands Java has the ability to read a hyperlink to a language and simply learn this regular language. The study of the extended functions of Kotlin can take a certain time, if there is a desire then it is not difficult to learn it.

2. Language and environment are mature

Unlike other languages, such as Swift, the release of Kotlin has gone through many steps, before releasing the final release 1.0. Probably it means that when working with Kotlin there are virtually no problems, everything works as you expected. The IDE plug-in acts smoothly and allows you to apply almost all functions that you prefer and use in Java. Therefore, the service with Kotlin in this sense is marvelous. It is curious to know that, according to his final version, the tongue spent a number of years in alpha, and then in the beta version. In addition, it seems that people used it in the real plans on the beta test.

3. It makes Android development much easier

Kotlin is a new world of possibilities that you can realize mixed with simplicity and power and if you go along the path of Java. I truly believe that it is probably the only viable candidate for Java to study good applications on Android. The remaining candidates, these like Scala, are very tight, and compilation time and devices can not be compared. The compilation time in Kotlin is now much more similar to Java (in some studies it seemed even more likely), and the book depository needed to write Kotlin add-ons is quite tiny, because it will not increase the number of your methods in any way...
Read here more information: ze-us.xyz/blog
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