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bestrsgoldfast вне форума
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To be honest, 2k does not have exclusive buy Nba 2k21 Mt rights, EA has them also, it is only that EA is 1000x worse in making a basketball sim compared to 2k. Yeah, in the early 2000's you had NHL2k or Hitz 2001/2002 which was really it. Late 90's N64 Hockey games were a little more plentiful.I only wish they put more love into it other than updated rosters. Nhl15 was the final better sims imo. That be an expert mode is fantastic. They didn't though. Last NHL 2ks were light years ahead of EA concerning simulating actual hockey. They had the groundwork built to crush EA like they did in NBA.

However that which was missing were a Career manner and an Ultimate Team mode. Latter being crucial since that's how these matches make the majority of their revenue nowadays, from people who spend thousands to make their card team just so they could do exactly the same when the second year's match. Add to the graphics were not on par in terms of models and animations and the game had a clunkier feel. I gave up on EA NHL in like 15 (only played with it for the 6v6 mode anyway) because they at there had barely made any improvements to the gameplay for 2 decades. I looked up what the game looks now and the core gameplay is still nearly identical to NHL 07. That is 14 fucking years of publishing the exact same game with some updated features and added animations.

To me it is incredible they are still not moving as they're physical beings but they are just your basic game object glued to follow the puck no matter how a person could physically go. NHL2k did so a decade ago, literally if you just copied what they had 10 years past the game enhances immediately. It is comical both companies are only incapable of fixing their matches flaws. They're similar to mirror opposites of each other. 2K gameplay mirrors sport, EA gameplay is arcade game bullshit. 2K exploits never have fixed resulting in abnormal gameplay online, EA exploits become fixed and the gameplay to win is normal even online.

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