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По умолчанию Everything on NBA 2K21 has me cackling like a cartoon villain

Ive been destroying on every construct, always having near triple doubles even on the 6'0 pure sharp that I created. Hopefully the game is better than what's displayed on the demonstration. The game is literally out weekly. So don't get your hopes up. Only save up to your next gen version. They have been pulling the same shit since 2K14 with releasing inferior versions in current gen. I'm not even sure why people would anticipate the next gen model to be any better at this point. That is all they are worried about now.

It's gonna be the exact same. People actually gotta quit giving themselves false expectation. Been seeing it for years and it literally goes bad. Just don't get it. That is really 100% true. It seems like another great season on 2k for me personally I finished using 51/9/4/2/2 with 22/29 in the field and withdrew the Bucks out. I found my ideal constructy'all in trouble.If you only play with MyLeague and don't plan on updating to a next-gen console, 2K20 for $5 appears to be a fantastic thing. I left a nice construct balance for my play style to where I could play off and on ball with the principal slasher second so shooting pie graph like a tmac kinda. Wow they ruined my construct and it wasn't even popular or OP. The vert is randomly 3 higher but speed and Agi are reduced and worst of all of the Str is default like 8 lower without fostering weight 20-30 lbs. Strangely the standing dunk rating is way higher than last year. Rlly sucks I can not he a dominant Rodman kind without going 6'8 or even higher.

Edit: I will upload screenshots later but wow. Same exact construct vs 2k20 and it has far lower physical features, terrible defensive ratings and rebounding ratings but for the perimeter d. The bizarre thing is it has like 3 or 4 finishing badges and 21 higher standing dip? Wtf is going on. .

No better feeling than blocking those 7'3 facilities at the apex lol. . .oh well. Please have an option to return to the older shooter meter at the full game. New one is too see through and big for me . I saw some thing where they could have options. With the devs keeping everything secret, I should have understood the demonstration would have been precisely the same as 20. It seems like that they put zero effort to the present 2k. Then the very fact after the demonstration released the devs remained silent as though they don't care at all. They ought to be ashamed of themselves. I'll wait and see the next gen is I am not wasting time on this pointless demo/current gen 2k.

We're getting suckered... is I'm going to say about it. The demonstration is essentially 2K20 with a fresh coat of paint. I am gonna wait until the game's on sale. It just ain't worth the $60 (or $100 if you're you are that much 2K simp). What gets me is the way they keep saying next gen is not the same game. Then next gen is actual going to be the new 2k21. Which is just shady. They did that when they transitioned from PS3 to PS4.

Want to learn more about Nba 2k21 at mmoexp.com
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nba2king 2k mt

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